Monday, January 27, 2014

Just Say NO

My friend Sharon gave me a little present the other day. It is a pre-programmed button that says NO. In fact it says NO about ten different way.



Did you hear me? I said NO!

It's hilarious and probably something everyone should have handy. Mom can I take the car? NO NO NO! Another volunteer opportunity? NO WAY! solicitors at the door or on the phone. "Did you hear me? I said no." Aren't you making dinner? Absolutely NOT.

In this house I could think of a certain someone who will really make excellent use of it. Maggie has a very clear sign for no. She just slams her hand down on her tray. She does it so hard there is a lump on her wrist where she hits.  This button gives her some options and intonation. She can't be sure which "NO" will come up, but it doesn't matter because they are all pretty funny.

She was practicing last night and could not stop laughing.

I have never seen Maggie adapt to something so quickly. I showed her once and she was clamoring to have that thing on her tray. This is a powerful little tool for her. Her favorite line is "Absolutely not" but every single one of them made her laugh. 

Sharon tells me there is also a "yes" and a "maybe" button. Maggie doesn't really have a way to say maybe so that might be worth a try, but what's funny about maybe? Besides, her tray will get a little crowded with all these options. Obviously her dynavox has yes no and maybe on them, but Maggie needs something quicker and with more intonation. 

If there's only room for one, I think Maggie has made her choice. 


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