Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bumper cars

We have had a crazy few months around here. Crazy. And almost none of the craziness involves Maggie. Every since Thanksgiving Steve's dad has been in and out of the hospital or care facilities. Now he's healthy again, but it was time to make a move. As of last Saturday, he's been living in an assisted living facility here in San Francisco.

Choosing the right type of facility for an individual is very difficult. You have to match the needs of the individual to the place. We had a few options from which to choose, some were cheaper, some were more expensive, some had different models. After much teeth gnashing and hand wringing, Steve and his siblings made a good choice and we moved him in.

Because his phone could not be connected for a few days, we bought grandpa a "go phone" and programmed the speed dial so he could reach any of his kids or their spouses with one button. He tried it out and decided that was great. The only problem - he doesn't answer the phone when we call him. Hence, Sunday morning he didn't answer our call to see how the first night went. We were headed out to see him anyway, but we were concerned that all his needs had been met. It was important for everyone that he get off to a good start.

Maggie and I headed out in one car and Steve went separately. Maggie and I could only stay a little while but Steve wanted to stay longer. An assisted living facility is completely accessible because nearly everyone in the place uses a wheelchair, a scooter or a walker. It will be a breeze to take Maggie to see Grandpa now! Bonus.

When we arrived I was purposefully making my way to his room, praying that he wasn't laying in bed awaiting assistance. (He wasn't). I suppose I was a little too focused on getting there. I didn't even slow down when I said hello to the lady sitting in the chair with her walker next to her and a pleasant "good Morning" to another resident sitting in her wheelchair in the hallway. Both barely had time to look up because I just kept going.

I should have slowed down.
But I didn't.

Turns out the sweet elderly lady in the chair was farther into the hallway than I realized and I clipped her back wheel with Maggie's wheel. All of a sudden she spun around 180 degrees.  She didn't fall out of the chair or anything, but I don't think you have ever seen a more surprised look on a woman's face. My heart dropped and my knees buckled a little bit  and I started spitting out apologies as fast as I could. "Oh Ma'am I am so so sorry" I thought there was room to pass and i didn't mean to hit your chair. Are you ok?" etc etc. She was shocked and looked at me and then at Maggie, who I realized only then was laughing uproariously. Keep in mind, Maggie doesn't really make much sound when she laughs, but once you see her face you know how hard she's laughing. The lady looked back at me and just started to laugh because it was hard not to when you saw how funny Maggie though it was. She said, "that's ok dear."

I felt like a heel. And Steve was right behind me saying, "Uh, maybe you need to take it a little easy here. We want Dad to make friends, not enemies."

Maggie was still trying to catch her breath because that was just about the most fun she has had in weeks.

I wonder if we can find any accessible Bumper Cars ride. Maggie and her new friend would really enjoy that, especially if they let me drive.

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  1. I love hearing these little tidbits of your family's life. And I admire you for always finding humor -- even during somewhat or fully stressfull situations!


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