Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super bowl communication

The Super Bowl was just sad. I didn't really have any skin in the game - I was supposed to hate Seattle because they beat the 49ers, but I just didn't care. I thought even the ads were pretty "meh" with the exception of the pistachio ad by Steven Colbert.

That is until the Microsoft ad.

As you might imagine, this one really caught me. I was a little teary and so so so proud that Maggie's method of communication was featured in a Super bowl ad. We are becoming mainstream!

 I have to agree Technology, for all it's faults and glitches, has improved our life tremendously. Except that  my daughter manages to nag me incessantly with her talker. I mean if I'm just a little late with her food, she starts acting like she has never been fed in her life.

If you can't hear it, she says Mom i want my dinner please, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I want to drink some water.

High tech nagging is so much cooler, isn't it.


  1. totally agree...high tech whining is WAY easier to deal with than real time whining!!

  2. Thanks for posting that commercial as I am not a football watching lady and would have missed it!


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