Friday, February 7, 2014

Aging gracefully

February 7. When I was a kid I hated this day. It meant my birthday was over and I had to wait another whole year for another one. Now I love it because my birthday is over and I get to wait another whole year for another one.

Yes that's right. the odometer of life clicked over another point yesterday. The birthday was great, I went to dinner with some of my siblings and my mom on Wednesday.

That's one brother two sisters a nephew, my mother me and my husband. (missing two other sisters and another brother, missing liekk 19 nieces and nephews and of course, missing my dad)

And then last night Steve and Tim and I went out. Maggie did not join us. She does not enjoy herself at restaurants. But she does love to sing Happy Birthday, so we did that before we left.

I'm not one to fret about age. It is what is is and there's nothing one can do to stop the inevitable march of time. I figure just sit back and enjoy it. But then I saw the cover of people magazine this week featuring Christie Brinkley at 60.

 I think her inevitable march of time has been kinder than mine - but I have a couple of years before I hit  60 so I can still look like that, right?

 Ok, maybe not blond.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Sally. You're better than Christie. Honestly.


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