Sunday, February 9, 2014

Here comes the rain again...

The rain has finally arrived in California. For the past several weeks we've seen stories about frigid temperatures and snowpacolypse in much of the country, while we enjoyed 70 degree temperatures. Don't get me wrong, we knew the perfect weather was not good news. We needed rain here because the state is parched;  the governor declared a drought emergency and there was talk about mandatory water rationing.  Still , it's really hard not to enjoy a 70 degree day in mid January.

The storm door finally opened this week. it's been raining steadily since Thursday and it is a good start to filling reservoirs etc. In addition to the drought relief, though, the rain brings other things. Like a leaking roof. The roof in Maggie's bathroom is leaking. It has been a problem for years and we really thought we finally tackled the issue. Of course, there are no leaks when there is no rain.

Rain also brings the germs and bacteria that cause illnesses. Everyone huddles inside and shares their germs more. I thought Maggie was a bit puckish yesterday and late yesterday afternoon we noticed she had pink eye. This morning it's in both eyes and she does not feel good.

You might notice the oxygen going into her trach too. Someone really doesn't feel well.

I am lucky to have access to her doctor all the time, though and there is already a prescription waiting for her at the pharmacy. I'm going to get my umbrella and rain boots and go get that now.

You might want to stay away from this house for a few days.

The title to this blog put this song in my head, so I'm going to share it with you. Here's the Eurthymics singing Here Comes the Rain again....


  1. I love that song. I'm sorry that Maggie is getting sick.

    Stay warm while it rains -- stay dry. Pehaps fix a toddy for yourself!


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