Thursday, May 22, 2014

Friends you haven't met yet

Friends you haven't met yet. I guess that's all of you who read this.  Hello friends. 

About a year or so ago I agreed to participate in a study/research project. The grad student Chris Wienberg, is a computer scientist and for reasons I still do not completely understand, was interested in talking to people who blog frequently about their personal lives, which I certainly do. It has something to do with accuracy of mathematically based predictions based on the data scooped up in these blogs by who knows who or what. 

I think my participation, and I suspect others, is based on the fact that we don't know or care what data is scooped up. We are the fallible - and I hope undefinable - humans behind the numbers. I pity the fool who thinks they can target me with any products based on the stories I tell/told about Maggie. Of course it's more complex than advertising, but it's way beyond my pay grade. Chris and his team arrived with cameras and conducted an interview. It was pleasant, but after they left I don't think I heard another thing besides a thank you for participating. I didn't really expect to either.

Then yesterday I received an email advising that the film they made from these interviews is complete. It is entitled "Friends You Haven't Met Yet"  and it has been accepted to premiere at the Dances with Films Film festival at the Chinese 6 theaters in Hollywood on June 3 (my mother's birthday).  He sent me a link to the trailer which is at this website  but of course I had to download it. Hopefully you can watch it below. You can see me opening my front door and hear my voice. 

I have no idea what the movie will reveal. Perhaps we are crazy dinosaurs and the meteorite is heading our way.  I am going to go watch it on June 3. I figured I better get down there for my Hollywood premiere, which will coincide exactly with my Hollywood swansong. 

I'm gonna load up the truck and move to Beverly. Hills that is. Swimmin pools. Movie stars.


  1. Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Jed...or a Mom named Sally!!!

  2. Yet a whole new group of people for our beloved Maggie to touch!

  3. Well, here it is - the subset of the subset of bloggers who blog about being asked about their blog for the purposes of research - and a documentary. It is a wiggly world. I hope you have a Holly-riffic time at the premiere - I will be presiding over our school's election day process, so I will be interested in any kind of first-hand reports. Maybe it will show up in your blog...

    1. It will certainly show up on my blog. but feel free to email me with any questinos it's coghlanmcdonald at gmail dot com

  4. This might sound crazy when we're talking about lonesome bloggers, but ... come for dinner sometime and tell us about the show! (-Dave's Wife)


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