Wednesday, May 21, 2014


This is a picture of maggie's van driving away with the new owner at the wheel. It is time for a new kid to enjoy the freedom it will bring. 

As I was filling out all the paperwork I dutifully noted the mileage at 70,867. Not bad for a nine year old van. But then I noted when I bought the van in 2008 the mileage was 41,000. That means I put slightly less than 30,000 miles on it in 6 years. That's not very much but each mile was packed with adventure. 

We went on very few extended trips (if any), so these miles are mostly short jaunts around town. Trips to the Mall, and the doctor and downtown and Crissy Field. If those trips are five miles round trip, we went on 6000 adventures. That's pretty good. I'm sticking with that regardless of its accuracy. 

I am glad it's done, but I had a good cry as I took this picture this morning.

Goodbye old friend. Take care of the next kid as well as you took care of Maggie. 

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