Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Friends You Haven't Met Yet

You may recall that I recently went to Los Angeles to see the premiere of a documentary that I was a part of. The film is call "Friends You Haven't Met Yet" and it was done by some computer science researchers at USC. The focus of the film is to get behind the statistics of people who blog frequently about their personal lives. I was one of several people they interviewed for the film.

The trip to LA was hilarious, I even got to walk the red carpet with the filmmaker and Chris Weinberg, the guy who interviewed me. None of the other bloggers were able to go, so I was the representative for all.  You can read all about that trip and check out the pictures here: Maggie World: Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close up

Many of you have asked about seeing the film and I've been waiting for a DVD or something, and finally I can share it with everyone. They put it on YouTube! It's about 17 minutes long.

Check out video below, or if that doesn't work try the link here:


  1. Very cool. Really fun to see and hear you. Be sure to let me know about your Oprah appearance!

  2. Nice work. You were, of course, the star.


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