Saturday, July 5, 2014

The 5th of July

I am really sore today. I spent the 4th of July day working at my father in laws house packing and moving things so that Russ, Steve's cousin in law can spruce it up to sell. I suspect the house will sell quickly, especially with the facelift.  That was at least my fourth trip out there and it is incredibly tiring, physically and emotionally, and I am feeling the effects today.

We just have so much on our plates this year.

I slept in the car as Steve drove us home late in the afternoon. Once we arrived I took a much needed shower, made dinner and then fell asleep about five separate times while watching TV. At 8:30 PM I was awake again and Steve asked me to go watch the San Francisco fireworks show that started at 9:30. Sure. We can't just sit here relaxing, can we?

We drove down toward the Marina, not daring to get too close to Aquatic park and Pier 39 where they were shooting them. Our target was the Marina Green, about a mile or so away. We knew it would be difficult or impossible to park near the water, so we parked just outside the Presidio and walked about a mile to the St Francis Yacht Club, just behind Marina Green. (I complained every step of the way. I know, delightful, right?) We arrived there about 9:15 and found dozens of parking places. Who knew? Oh well.

We wondered if we would see anything because the fog was in, but it wasn't hugging the water, so hope sprang eternal. It was so beautiful down there. We were just below the Golden Gate Bridge, but it was shrouded in fog and barely visible.

We could see the fireworks from Sausalito/Tiburon across the Bay in Marin. There was no fog over there. It was strange. we could see the end of the layer of fog even though we were standing in it. I took this picture with my phone, but it was hard to capture.

Then the San Francisco show started. You could basically see the bottom half of the fireworks from our vantage point. The top was lost in the fog. (I suspect those at Aquatic park got a full view, though) It was kind of cool, but there is a lot of watching the fog change color.

We chatted with a man who held his daughter as she slept on his shoulder. I missed Maggie alot as I watched them, like an aching longing. That made me smile in spite of things because I never took her down there for the fireworks. It was too cold (low 50's last night with the wind bowing hard) too late and too crowded. Still, I missed her and I wondered if I was too protective of her. I dismissed that thought pretty quickly and smiled remembering us making a flag cake and watching the fireworks on television together. I kind of missed that too.

Fireworks over, we walked back to the car and went right past the Palace of Fine arts, which is simply beautiful day or night - but especially at night.  It kind of put the fireworks to shame. (and it kept me from complaining on the walk back)

We were home before 11 and I climbed into bed and fell sound asleep, tired from a long day of activity.  I woke up this morning and realized another holiday has come and gone.

I guess that's what ths year will be, just checking them off and remembering.

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