Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Checking in from Galway

We are having a fantastic trip. It has been bittersweet indeed, though. I am
Drawn to things Maggie would love and then stop myself  In Killarney I started to cry when the lovely innkeeper asked about my children. (Poor guy). 

There are signs of Maggie everywhere. We were lost  and asked two women for directions. It wasn't until we got Close that we realized they were taking a young disabled man for a walk in his wheelchair.  What are the odds of that?

And then today we were in a 500 year old church in Galway. We walked down the ramp out of habit

When we got to the bottom we read the white plaque visible above 

It made me cry again. But I decided it was a sign that Maggie is ok out there and among friends - Even some named Maggie. 

Here's to all the young Maggie's out there watching over us all. 

We will be back on Friday. 

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  1. I have thought of you all week, glad for you to be there and also wondering how it was, how the trip held your sadness. I am so glad that we'll get to see you this weekend. Safe travels home.


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