Monday, September 29, 2014

Mixed messages from the universe

I am having computer issues that are driving me crazy. I cannot get online from my laptop and cannot type on my phone or IPAD. I thought I could use the computer at work but for whatever reason blogger won't load. I finally resorted to the phone, so this will likely take about an hour to type and a lot of the words will look like this: osjhefch.

Maybe this is the universe telling me to shut up already.  If it is, I'm ignoring it he message. 

On Saturday we went to a wedding. My friend's son got married. I saw a lot of people I know which was great and also a little hard. 

I was emotionally shaky at the ceremony and a basket case during the beautiful rendition of Ave Maria, which was sung at Maggie's funeral. (I warned Steve that song will probably make me cry for the next five years. His response, "well that will be something to look forward to.")

Somehow, though I felt a little bit of an emotional release for the first time in months. It was so beautiful and I was so happy for the newlyweds, Robert and Jean, that all other cares sort of slipped away.

 We had a great time at the reception dancing the night away and laughing with old friends. It felt great. Really great. 

Then this morning I received a message from Mr. G, Maggie's teacher for two years at Mission. He said he was at the gym this morning and All the Single Ladies started playing. Of course that made him think of Maggie and he smiled. This picture of Maggie responding to BeyoncĂ©  telling all the single ladies to "put your hands up" came to mind immediately. 

I smiled too because how can you not?  By also I felt like the universe telling me Maggie approved of the dancing and joy. 

Apparently I have selective hearing because this time I am listening to the universe. 


  1. I think of Maggie everytime I hear that song too :):)

  2. The same is true for me -- I think of Maggie every time I hear that song, and it makes me smile.

    Also that wedding couple easily rival George Clooney and his gorgeous bride. Just wow.

  3. I hate to tell you but Ave Maria was sung at my Dad's funeral 14 years ago and 14 years later I still cry EVERY time I hear it!! So although you're a will be WAY more than 5 years before the tears stop!! just sayin' :)


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