Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Back to school

Computer issues are resolved. Finally. I've only owned this computer for a year and it was very messed up. I a relieved that I don't have to replace it alrady.

 So, just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet, I'm back.....

This afternoon I am going to Mission High, Maggie's old school. (Pictured above) You may or may not know that October is Disability Awareness month and "Teacher Joe" (Maggie's former teacher)  asked if I would consider addressing the faculty about my life as Maggie's advocate or about disabilities in general. The request kind of surprised me, but I was flattered at the same time. Mission High meant everything to Maggie and I am pleased to contribute in anyway I can.

Joe told me the theme for this meeting is Access, Equity and Social Justice. He thought of me because that's what I always sought for with Maggie. I said, well, I suppose I did, but I never thought about it that way. When you're in the middle of  dogfight, you don't have time to analyze what you are doing, you have to keep fighting.

Only now, with the benefit of hindsight -- and the highfalutin labels attached by Joe -- do I realize that is exactly what I was doing.

Sounds so Gloria Steinem-ish, doesn't it.

I will report back.

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  1. I await your wise counsel. Maybe you should wear that policewoman outfit?

    In all seriousness, I'm proud of you for doing this, Maggie. It can't be easy to stay "out there." I am sure that you will give them a lot to think about and much to learn.


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