Monday, October 13, 2014


I have so so many things to post about.
I've ever really talked about our trip.
I have to follow up on the talk at Mission.
There are so may things....

But not today.

Today is reserved for Tyre, who was Maggie's friend, boyfriend, prom date, nemeses, classmate, cohort and so much more. He passed away last night and I am so very sad.

 I said in an email today "He was very much like Maggie - they were the two "smart" kids. He was a couple of years older than Maggie, so there were a few years they weren't together (he would have moved on to middle school or high school before her) and neither did as well without the other. They were smart and they pushed each other to get better and better on their talkers."

I talked to several people today as the word of his passing spread throughout his world. Most of the professionals in Maggie's life also worked with Tyre. When I spoke with Nurse Janice she said, "well, those two are together again. Maybe this time Maggie won't play hard to get." That really made me smile to think about.  Tyre had personality galore and could be quite charming. He worked his charms on Maggie. He was crazy about her and she was about him, but she would flirt with other boys to throw Tyre off his game.  It was hilarious to watch. 

It was hard not to be charmed by Tyre. He was expressive and happy and always dressed to the nines. Maggie and Tyre were supposed to go to the prom together one year, but Tyre was in the hospital and couldn't go. We made a point to go by the hospital first so we could take pictures. Tyre was all dressed up to match Maggie's dress and even had flowers. Check out the look he's giving her in this shot. I learned later that he thought Maggie was there to take him out of the hospital and was very upset when we left without him... 

It is mind-boggling to me that Maggie and Tyre are both gone in such close proximity. The two of them exuded so much energy and joy, I know the world is a lot less joyful now. 

I will miss Tyre and I will remember him.  He  made me feel good every time I saw him.  He made everyone feel good. But I don't feel good today.

Safe travels Tyre.


  1. Oh, this makes me so sad, too. I am sorry. So sorry. What a beautiful boy. That last photo -- oh, Sally. Love to you.

  2. So beautiful. Happy together again.♡


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