Friday, November 28, 2014


Thanksgiving has come and gone.

We had a quiet day, just six of us here. Tim, Eddie and Grace and Steve's dad were here. It was a bit melancholy, for sure. We missed Maggie and shed a few tears as we talked about this past year. But we all know how much we have to be thankful for and tried to concentrate on that. We have each other, we have memories of Maggie and we have the support of so many people, including you who are reading this.

Obviously, we have so much more than that, as well. We have food and shelter and all the creature comforts we need. We have more extended family than anyone and we live in a beautiful place and are participating members of our community.We are thankful for all of that.

Still, it's hard this year to focus on how we have when we all think so much about what we lost. That tiny young woman was so filled with energy and joy that it is impossible to fill the hole she left. She was whatever is the opposite of a Black Hole. She didn't swallow energy, she exuded it. She was the sunshine.

I did grab a decoration to put on the table. I showed it to the boys and said, "this is something Maggie supposedly made at school, but we all know she didn't really make it." (There was absolutely no way she could have placed the decorations in the right places.) She would have been more of a consultant.

 Tim and Eddie then went into a description of Maggie  working on this project  that had me laughing very hard !

Teacher or aide: Should we use red? yes or no?
Maggie: No! ahahhaha (throws back her head)
Should we use orange? yes or no?
NO! ahahahhahahah (throws back her head)
 Should I put it here? yes or no?
NO! hahahhahah    I want my music please. I don't like  TV. I don't like TV.

We were all laughing at her imagined antics and then got quiet and kind of smiled at each other sadly. She was missed.

But we were thankful we had her, thankful for her huge personality and thankful we could laugh about her, even for a few minutes.

Hope your day had some laughter.


  1. We are all thankful we had Maggie in our lives via your blog.... We miss her too

  2. I am so grateful that I had the chance to sit with Maggie and listen to her laugh and bang away at her talker and tell me jokes. I will remember that day forever and ever.


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