Tuesday, December 2, 2014

We Need a little Christmas, right this very minute.

I am about to break a family rule. It's December 2 and I am going to address Christmas. My sister Joan's birthday is tomorrow and we would never really talk about Christmas until after her birthday But those were back in the days when Christmas season was limited to a month rather than the three month extravaganza we all enjoy now. So sorry, Joni. You're out.

The Holidays are not easy when you've lost someone. Halloween, Maggies' favorite holiday, was hard and Thanksgiving was even harder. We were unprepared for both holidays. We never even carved a pumpkin for Halloween; and the Thanksgiving box never made it out of its basement storage spot until noon on Thanksgiving Day when I realized I didn't have my pilgrim salt and pepper shakers for the table. Both of those dates sort of sneaked up on us and we didn't get any of the joy of preparation.

Because of that, I decided we need a little Christmas, right this very minute. Steve brought the tree up last night and we will decorate it this evening. The holidays will still be hard, but we can do our best to make them festive. We have to find our joy wherever we can, even if we have to create it.

Part of this epiphany is due to an activity in which Steve took part on Saturday morning. He joined other members of the South End Rowing Club for the "Ho Ho Ho Row." About 15 rowers dressed as Santa or one of his elves, loaded toys into their rowboats and went from Aquatic park to Pier 39 to deliver the toys to the waiting San Francisco Fire Fighter for the Toys for tots programs. I was the unofficial photographer of the event. I stayed on dry land and took pictures as they shoved off, from the end of Pier 39 and when they arrived.

They call this the barge. That is mostly women in that boat.

Steve and my brother in law Vince. (Steve's in the Santa suit)

Steve and Vince Escape from Alcatraz

Fire fighters taking bags of toys.
(lots more photos at www.hohohorow.shutterfly.com)

It was such a fun event and such a great cause. Maggie would have loved it. It put Christmas in my heart and I'm going to do my best to keep it there.

And just because I know you are singing it, here's We Need a Little Christmas from Auntie Mame

And Happy Birthday to Joni tomorrow!!

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