Saturday, October 17, 2015

Party Day

I'm off to a party today. It is a party to honor Tyre, Maggie's friend and prom date. Tyre passed away a year ago this week, about 8 months after Maggie did. So the two of them are together. Today they can look down on all of us and giggle, which is what they always did when they were together.

Here they are as prom dates - though this as taken in Tyre's hospital room. He couldn't get out in time for the prom, so we did pictures in his room. It's one of my favorite pictures and is displayed in my dining room. I absolutely love the way he is looking at her.

I'm not going to pretend that this will be easy, because I know it won't. It will make me sad, but it will also be fun, Not sure that makes sense to everyone. I have learned, though, that things can be fun even when they make you sad. I know I will see lots of the therapists that worked with both kids as well as teachers they shared and perhaps families we all knew.  These people were an important part of my life for a long long time, and in a way I lost them too

So I am re-entering Maggie's World for a few hours today.  I miss being part of it.


  1. I hope you do have fun, that your sadness is of the healing kind -- that melancholy and longing are honored. I love that photo, too.

  2. So nice to see a pic of Maggie, been too long...

  3. It's always so mixed. I love being at Avalon and it's hard being at Avalon. I miss our caregivers. Mostly we keep in touch.I miss Lu's doctors.I brought a basket of pears, apples and dried mango to the Pulmonogist that we loved at Stanford (LPCH) last week on Lu's birthday.


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