Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A great Noel

One of the perks of writing a blog is getting to know so many people from all around the country. I have made lovely connections with many other parents or siblings of disabled individuals or just people who read these stories. The connections are strong, even though I have never actually met many of them in person.

One such connection is Tamara in Alberta, Canada. Tamara's daughter Noel and Maggie had a lot of things in common. Both were disabled girls who were the center of their mothers lives and, sadly, both passed away far too young. Noel left us about six months or so before Maggie did. She was only about 16. Because of the similarities in their lives and our grief, Tamara and I have really connected - yet we've never been within 1000 miles of each other.  Some connections don't require face to face interaction.

One day in November I received a package. I hadn't ordered anything and it wasn't my birthday. What could it be? When I opened it I found this.

Tamara sent some people a pink cup with Noel's name on it because it would have been Noel's 18th birthday. She wanted to know that people would be thinking of her daughter on her birthday. I think it was a fantastic idea and I may do something similar in March. Even if they're gone, our girls are worth celebrating and what better day than the birthday.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve dinner. With all the hustle and bustle, I forgot to buy straws for my father in law. It's easier for him to drink through a straw and we were completely out. I simply pulled out the Noel cup with the built in straw and put his drink in that. Problem solved!

My sister in law was sitting next to my father in law and I heard her say, "Look Ed, it's a special Christmas cup. It says Noel." I just smiled to myself. How fitting that Noel saved Christmas dinner.

Thanks Noel. Thanks, Tamara

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