Saturday, December 19, 2015

Those four little words

On this Saturday before Christmas. I went downtown to see Union Square, the Macy's windows and all the other decorations. I was with my sister Mary and we were not trying to buy anything, we were just enjoying the Holiday energy all around us. We walked over to the Westfield Mall to get a look at the dome from the old Emporium store remembering it from our childhood.

As we approached the dome, I heard a woman ask a question from my right side. I didn't even see her because I was looking at Mary who was off to my left. But I heard four little words that I haven't heard in so many months and knew she was talking to me. She asked,

 "Are you Maggie's mom?"   

I turned and looked at her, she was smiling and friendly looking and looked like any number of women I know. but I didn't recognize her. I simply said,  "Yes, I am. Do I know you?" She introduced herself to me as a reader of this blog and recognized me from the pictures?!?!?! Her name is Marilyn and I cannot begin to tell you how much she made my day. I am always glad to know people are reading this, but to hear that question again was amazing. (And my sister thinks I'm famous!)

In my many years on this planet, I've been many things, daughter, sister, friend, niece, aunt, godmother, wife, mother, lawyer, chief cook and bottle washer and so many other things. The one role that defines me above all others, though is being "Maggie's Mom."  

This does not in any way diminish my role as mom to Eddie and Tim, and they know that. People don't address me as "Eddie's mom" or "Tim's mom"; but being "Maggie's Mom" is something else. It describes a role I had to invent and reinvent over and over again. It describes the hardest and best job I ever had and one the I miss every single day.

At an event last year I was being introduced someone that I knew before but didn't remember from where. The person introducing us wasn't helping us make the connection and we fumbled through the first part of the conversation.  When I realized who she was I said, "Oh, I remember you, I'm Maggie's mom." And THEN she knew who I was. The person making the connection said, "Oh, I wasn't sure if I could still call you that." I didn't say anything at the time, but I'm not gonna lie, that one hurt a bit. I simply said "that doesn't change. I'm still her mom and that's how people know me. Maggie was a superstar and I am her mom." 

And today a lady name Marilyn recognized me, and remembered my superstar and said those four little words I love to hear.  Thanks Marilyn, you made my day and my Christmas.

The answer is Yes. I am Maggie's mom. Now and always.


  1. How wonderful! Yes you are Maggies Mom and always will be! Merry Christmas Maggie's Mom!

  2. Love. You are Maggie's mom. Always.

  3. It was a pleasure meeting Maggie's mom. Thank you for making my day!


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