Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's not a gang, it's a club

Maggie has many friends in wheelchairs or other assisted devices. It makes sense, these are her peers. Some of the more involved kids like Maggie have been in the same programs all their lives so we know the families pretty well. Other kids have moved ahead in their education and their social lives, but because we knew them when they were little and have stayed friendly with their parent(s) the kids still see each other.

Whenever I get together with the parents of disabled kids I am astounded by the similarities we have as parents despite the many different types of disabilities our children face. One of the biggest similarities is the isolation that both we and our children face. Everyone wants to be recognized for their individuality, but I have a news flash. It's good to be part of a group too.

Though I am blessed to have a large family and many friends, this particular group of people play a role that no one else can. They listen with interest when I brag about Maggie being able to make a yes/no sign or reach her hand out to get something. They don't smile pitifully, they rejoice. And they know I do the same for them.

Today I am thankful for those friends and their remarkable children.

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