Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It is hot here. I believe the temperature hit 90 in San Francisco yesterday and it will be about 85 today. Whew! As you might imagine, Maggie and the high temperatures are not compatible. She wilts like a flower and we need to keep the fluids moving for her. She was tired before the day started and the heat really did not help.

Maggie may have had too much weekend. The weather was nice over the weekend. Not hot by normal standards, but a little warm for Maggie. We went to the Columbus Day Parade in North Beach parade on Sunday and  Maggie posed with some of the Knights of Columbus in full regalia.

We also stopped in at the Bazaar at Sts. Peter and Paul. Maggie posed We had to visit the miniature golf course that Steve and Rob made when the boys were in school there 7 or 8 years ago.We were delighted to see that there was a sign calling it the McDonald/Pinotti golf course.  It is a classic, all the "holes" are San Francisco landmarks. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower and a Cable Car in this picture if you look closely. It remains a huge hit with the little kids.

I tried to keep Maggie in the shade while we were there, but the bazaar is in the open school yeard and there is not shade to be found. We didn't stay too long down there because Maggie just doesn't have the stamina and the excitement of the bazaar, and the parade and all the people along with the warm weather is just too much.. Besides, we had guests and were planning a big dinner. She and I came home after about 90 minutes and busied ourselves here.

Monday was a holiday from school and Maggie slept for four hours in the afternoon, which is very unusual for her, but given all the excitement of the weekend, not terribly surprising. Of course all that sleep during the day meant very little at night. She awoke at 2:30AM for the day. Great. With the lack of sleep and the heat she spent most of yesterday in a haze. She took a shorter nap yesterday and slept well last night, so hopefully we are back on track.  

This morning Maggie was in a good mood waiting for the bus with me and Etoy, her night nurse. This picture is from a couple of weeks ago, but here we are waiting for the bus on another beautiful October morning. It's funny, in the past few weeks it is a LOT darker in the morning. It may be 90 degrees, but it's mid October.

Stay cool out there!

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  1. Yes. It's uncommonly hot down here, too, and Sophie has been sleeping a lot. I almost had to carry her in this afternoon from the car.


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