Thursday, July 14, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl

Every evening after the nurse goes home, Maggie and Steve hang out together. Generally the three of us are hanging out, but I'm doing dishes or across the room and it becomes more of a Maggie and Steve show. Maggie loves this time with her dad.

Either she is using her talker to ask him to read or she is just "talking" to him. Eventually she gets restless and he asks if she wants to get out of her chair and sit with him. that is always met with an enthusiastic YES. Within 5 minutes of being in the big chair with him she is sound asleep. She generally stays there until the night nurse comes in for her shift.  Maggie would not sleep if we put her in bed, but sitting with dad is quite relaxing. Steve doesn't seem to mind, so the two of them are pleased as punch.

Last night Steve was reading Harry Potte to Maggie. I was watching the news. I directed Steve's attention to the TV because there was a story I knew would interest him. He stood up to see the tv better. Maggie was dumbfounded. This was interfering with her "dad"time. She started working on her dynavox and came up with this sentence. ---->---->--->
If you can't read it it says " Dad I want to read dad dad sit in chair dad"

In other words, "Hey Buddy get back over here and read to me!

Steve cracked up and did her bidding. Maggie was quite proud of herself.

 After a while she started to fidget and he asked if she wanted to get in the big chair. Yes! She was just waiting for an offer. She was out cold  in about 2 minutes and stayed that way until the night nurse showed up. It is not only a relaxed position for Maggie, but it can be very relaxing to hold Maggie when she's asleep. When she's awake it's very difficult because she moves so much, but all that settles down when she's really out. You can feel your own body settle down with her as you no longer have to shift to keep from dropping her. And it's not unusual to see this:

This picture is not from last night, I believe I took if last week. Its the two of them sound asleep both holding the tv remote. They didn't even move when the camera flash went off. 

And just so you know, Maggie's shirt says "Don't mess with Texas", which is one of her favorite sayings. We're not sure why.


  1. I love it! My husband and Sophie spend many hours on the couch together -- it works for both of them quite well.


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