Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Exile Day 2 - 2.5

Wednesday morning. We are half way through our adventure.  We really are getting the hang of things here. This house is fully equipped with all the staples, supplies, washing machine and everything else we could need.  There is no hot water this morning, but I will put Steve on that case when he wakes up. The cold shower certainly woke me up, though! (update – Steve fixed it)

We do not have internet access or television. I don’t care about the television but I do miss the internet. I can get and send email and post pictures to facebook on my phone, but nothing else.  Yesterday Maggie and I rode all over the place looking for a Starbucks so I could get some documents sent.  I did see a restaurant with free wi-fi, but I did not know what I would be walking into and Maggie is often a lot for people to handle. If one is sitting down to a full breakfast, they might not want the suction machine next to them. Starbucks is a known commodity; people are coming and going and generally not eating.  After searching for a Starbucks to the west and north, we finally found one about a mile South of here. Of course, when I told Steve he said there is one about 6 blocks to the east.  Go figure.  Today will be faster.

The mornings start cool and overcast but this sun comes out before noon. Yesterday seemed a little hotter, maybe mid 80s so we delayed heading into our backyard paradise. Even though we had Maggie in the shade on Monday, her arms and face were a little red. I did not want her in the sun too long because she’s such a delicate flower. We probably headed back there around 4:00, but we did not come back in until 7:30 or so. Maggie had specifically asked to go swimming but we needed to wait for Steve to come home. I just do not feel confident getting her in and out of the pool by myself. We have to keep her trach above the water level so a little slip could be disastrous.   She was only in the pool for a few minutes, but she had a fantastic time.

We stayed in the yard and barbecued steak that I purchased at a local butcher.  It was amazing.  As the guy was ringing up the steak, I spied some fresh Portuguese sweet bread and bought it for Steve. We also had fresh zucchini from the amazing vegetable garden in the yard. We were told to help ourselves to the veggies and we took that seriously. I told our friends/hosts that we have to come back next month because the tomatoes are not yet ripe.

Today my sister is coming to visit and we will likely have a largely repeat performance of yesterday.  Somehow, we will muddle through this horror. 

Steve stopped by our house Monday night to check on the work on the floors. The sanding is complete and the first coat applied. We asked for three coats, which should be done by tomorrow morning. They will be dry enough for us to return on Friday morning. Then I will have internet and TV, but I will have to leave the sunshine, swimming pool and vegetable garden here. Hmmmmmm.

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  1. Perhaps it could be your vacation house? Ha!

    I'm glad that everything is going well -- and I love the photo of Maggie in the pool. It makes me smile to think of how much she enjoys her life!


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