Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bobby's Tower

Today's SF Chronicle has four letters to the editor. Interestingly enough, my family is responsible for half of them. One is mine and one is from my cousin Mickey (Maureen). What are the chances of that?

Ok, to be honest,  knowing my family, it may not be that astronomical

 Both of us are moms of special needs kids, but the subjects of the letters are completely different. You can read the letters here:
I am ranting about cuts to California Children's Services, which I talked about in yesterday's post.  Mickey's letter is sweeter than mine, remembering her son Bobby who loved the Sutro Tower, which from here forward shall be known as Bobby's Tower (at least in this house).

My niece and I were talking about Bobby last evening as we entered AT&T park for the Giants game. Bobby worked for the Giants checking bags of people entering the stadium - and no one got anything past him. Not his friends, cousins or even his mom. He took that job seriously. I always think of him when I go to the game. Now I will also think of him whenever I see that tower, which is visible from many parts of the City, including my back deck,  if it isn't too foggy.

Read more about Mickey's son Bobby in these two posts. Maggie World: Re-defining Special and Maggie World: Thankful.

He was a great guy who loved life and he is sorely missed by all.

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  1. I linked to you today -- thanks, again, for being so on the ball in your advocacy efforts!


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