Friday, August 1, 2014

A message hits home

So may people have said such kind things to us over the past 5 months. It is wonderful to have the support of so many people. Believe me, it helps a lot. I appreciate all of the kindnesses and have saved every card and note we have received. Every once in a while someone says something that just takes my breath away. This excerpt from an email that Steve received from a friend is one of those things.

     We have had you and your wife in out thoughts and in out hearts for these past 
     many months since we heard about Maggie. What a great, great kid, and what 
     a fighter. I know she brought light to your lives - I saw it firsthand. Everyone 
     who knew her lived richer lives because of her.

Those three sentences say everything I've ever tried to convey in this blog.

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