Monday, August 18, 2014

Just Monday

It's the first day of school in San Francisco. I used to wait and wait for this day. Maggie and I would wait in the driveway with bags and bags of supplies - and I am not referring to binder paper. Maggie would start jumping for joy when Nurse Janice came walking toward us from wherever she parked. Then we would cheer when the bus pulled up and we would wait to see if we knew the bus driver and cheer if we did. (By the last few years we generally knew them all.) Maggie would get so so so excited as she rode the lift onto the bus and again when she saw the other students.  I would wave goodbye and start my Dance of Joy as soon as the bus pulled around the corner and continue it all day. It was a win win. Everybody was happy.

This year it's just Monday.

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