Thursday, November 12, 2009

Father Doughnut

Early Saturday morning I had an errand to run. No one else was awake yet, so Maggie came along for the ride. We had to drop something off before our friend took off for the day. By 7:30 we were on our way home. I decided to stop at the grocery store.

Maggie loves it, but she does not get to go to the grocery store very often. I’ve mentioned before how much of a spectacle we are. I have to push the wheelchair and pull the grocery cart. We are a train chugging around the aisles. Early Saturday is the perfect time because the store isn’t crowded. Driving that train through packed aisles is impossible. Other shoppers are quite taken aback at the sight of us. Many are overly helpful. I get an almost pleading, “Can I DO something for you” to which I respond (overly cheerfully),” Nope, just grabbing a gallon of milk.” The fewer people in the store, the fewer conversations and the easier to get around.

I was just about finished when I decided to bring home some doughnuts for breakfast. As I neared the bakery department a priest entered the store. I presumed he was a Catholic priest because he had on the black suit and the collar. He was probably in his 60’s, tall and thin and carried himself in a very regal manner. He took in the scene with our little train and gestured – something between a nod and a bow. Anyone who’s spent any time around a priest will know the move. I smiled at continued my trek toward the bakery.

The doughnuts are in a free standing case for self service. As I moved toward that the priest was standing in front of me, looking me in the eye and pointing at me. I wondered if I knew him. I was raised in this neighborhood and know people connected with all the parishes around there. Nope, his face was not familiar. Then he spoke. In a thick Russian accent he said “Got ez tadusteeng gyu” Say what now? It was almost accusatory. He said it again, and I realized he was saying “God is trusting you.”

Oh, ok, thanks.

Don't get me wrong; it's nice, but it's freaky.

He approached and took Maggie’s face in her hands and said some prayer. The look in her face was priceless. Her eyebrows were knit together and she was frowning at him. I tried not to laugh. He looked up again and said “God is trusting you” again. I smiled thinly and he walked away.

I looked down at Maggie and said, “Well, if God is trusting me, I better not steal these donuts.”

Today's gratitude: I'm thankful for the free coffee my son gets every week working at Starbucks.I'm particularly thankful for the Verona blend.


  1. LOVE this story, Sally! Thanks so much for sharing it.


  2. Ahhh--I love this. I wonder if he was actually a Russian Orthodox. They're so formal...


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