Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Hello and happy Thanksgiving eve! I've beeen absent all week with good reason. Either I was away or just too busy to sit down and write.

After my quick (and very moving) trip to Anaheim on Friday I was home for less than 24 hours. I went to VEGAS with my sister Joan from 11:00PM Friday night until Monday morning. I did not win any money, in fact I lost. My lucky sister apparently won the money I lost. Next time I'm just going to write her a check and skip the trip.

I returned just after Maggie came home from school Monday and really got the cold shoulder from her. How DARE I consider taking a break. She's over it now and we're friends again.

When I got Maggie off to school on Tuesday morning I went straight to the super market. Tomorrow I'm having 17 for Thanksgiving dinner and at that point had purchased only the sweet potatoes. I was getting a bit nervous about everythign I had to do. Now that the refrigerator is full to bursting, I feel better.

Today Maggie is off school and I cannot spend any time on the computer or she gets mad. I guess I owe her some undivided attention. (The nurse just arrived, so I snuck away for a quick post).

I will be back after this Thanksgiving hubbub dies down. In the meantime I wish everyone the best Thanksgiving. I hope you are surrounded by family and/or friends and have a feast.

Thankful: I'm behind on these. I'm thankful for the following:
  • a beautiful clear day in late November,
  • getting a break,
  • my sister Joan's joie de vivre
  • my understanding husband who picked up the slack
  • all of you who read about my life

I'm also thankful that
  • Maggie missed me but still forgave me for leaving
  • Eddie will be home later today
  • Tim is here
  • we will all be together with Steve's entire family
  • I can pop in at my mom's house and say hello to (most of) my extended family
  • and that the best Turkeys' in the world are sold at a store two blocks from here. I just walked over there with my old lady shopping cart and strolled home with a 23lb bird.

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