Monday, October 4, 2010

Can you handle THIS?

 What a weekend. We had Eddie visiting for one night, we were invaded by a raccoon, we watched the Giants clinch the West, and we celebrated Steve’s birthday.  None of those things was the highlight for Maggie, though. Rather, a little home improvement project caught her fancy.  

After 20 years of plain wood in the kitchen, Steve put drawer pulls and handles on the kitchen drawers and cabinets. My friend Grace said it’s like putting on the perfect necklace with a dress. It just completes the look. In our case, there is an additional bonus. A certain teenager in this house thinks these handles are GREAT! The drawer pulls are at exactly the right height for the wheelchair.

Maggie could not get enough of these wondrous things yesterday morning when we were making Steve’s birthday cake. She got a hold of the drawers and had a great time opening and closing the drawers. She was tossing dishtowels around the kitchen with great abandon. Late in the afternoon her nurse brought me a key she found in Maggie’s chair. Oops. I tried to keep her out of that drawer but I was obviously unsuccessful.  

Maggie was enjoying herself tremendously when her brother Eddie came up behind her, leaned over and said in his deepest possible voice “Maggie, what do you think you are doing.”  She found that delightful.

Having her brother here, even if only for a couple of hours, was almost as good as having the new drawer pulls. Maggie comes to life even more when either of the boys come home. She will have to wait until Christmas to see Eddie again. We will have to work on getting Tim to come home and give her a brother fix. Forget raccoons and baseball and birthdays. She can show him the new handles.  

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  1. The new drawer pulls also look great! I love hearing about Maggie's brothers and their interactions with her. What was it like when they were much younger?


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