Friday, October 8, 2010


My mother and I attended a funeral on Friday morning for Larry, a man who was a great friend of my dad's and really of the entire family. There were a lot of people there to honor him and his family did a wonderful job.

As they so often are, this funeral was a bit of old home week It is probably terrible to come home from a funeral feeling so good, but I do.  It is one of the perks of remaining local to the area in which I grew up My high school principal was there as were many other familiar faces. When we entered, Maggie's' former Physical therapist, who is a relation of Larry's by marriage, came up to me and asked how I managed to stand in high heels.I laughed.  No one in Maggie's world ever sees me in heels. I assured her I would be mostly sitting and I would soak my feet the moment i got home. When she left, my mom greeted the lady in front of us. Before I could even register that it was Joan  another family friend, she said, "Sally! I want you to know I check you blog every day and when there's nothing new I think Now what is she up to?"  I had to laugh again, but I was very flattered.

 This is a shout out to Joan P and all the other people who are following Maggie's story. I really have no idea who checks in but I appreciate everyone. Also, just so you know Joan, I will be very busy this weekend and posts may have to wait a couple of days.Don't worry, we're fine! Look at it this way, I'm probably out there in the middle of the stories I will tell next week.

 Have a great weekend. It will be a wild one in San Francisco. The Giants will hopefully win Game 2 tonight (maggie's wearing her Orange) and there will be lots of things going on around town.  The Blue Angels are screaming over head as I type this. Maggie and I were on the deck watching them but it got a little too loud for her.

that's four jets flying over the neighborhood. Taken from the back deck


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  1. I spoke to my dear friend, Jody Gelb, the other day and we figured out that you two know each other!


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