Thursday, October 7, 2010

Say Cheese

Maggie's school picture arrived yesterday. It's "ok" not great. Capturing Maggie in a bright moment without her face in a grimace can be difficult. This is exacerbated by her trepidation in front of all the equipment and the stranger telling her to smile. Despite this, there have been some excellent ones over the years, but there have also been some very bad ones. One was so bad that I let the company have it for even printing it. Why would any parent accept that? They refunded my money. Last year's picture was very good indeed, but I forgot to sent the money in so we never got any photos, just the student body card.  Between her facial movements and my forgetfulness, getting a good school picture of her is s a crapshoot.

Everybody has good ones and bad school photos.  My son Eddie used to take some doozies, but he had good ones too. I don't remember any terrible ones of Tim. My own history was spotty though. In a couple of years early in grammar school I decided to set my own hair. Wow! Those are some wild shots.

With pictures everywhere now, the annual school picture has lost a bit of its importance. Still, this will be your face in the class picture for all your classmates to see and pull out of dusty boxes 20 years from now. You just want to look good.

This picture of Maggie isn't perfect, but it definitely catches her wild side a little bit. I guess it's a keeper


  1. I love it -- totally catches her mischievous nature!

  2. She is adorable. And I love the bandanna for the day!


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