Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'll take the blahs, thank you.

This getting up and ready in the middle of the night is for the birds. (Owls, I guess). It is so dark in the morning that I feel out of sync all day.

Once I get Maggie all prepped and ready to go in the morning, we roll the chair out onto the deck and get in the elevator in the dark of night. I have to grope for the light in the basement to find my way to the front of the house and it is still dark when we're outside waiting for the bus. It gets light pretty quickly once we're out there. The whole process will definitely be easier after the time changes. (Of course then I'll be complaining that it's dark too early in the evening.)

The dark mornings make it hard for me to start my day and the mid afternoon blahs are quite present. Yesterday was no exception. The afternoon nurse arrived just ahead of the scheduled time for the bus. I was working and trying to stay awake. That's when the phone rang. I saw it was the school nurse and thought, oh, the bus is going to be late, maybe I can sneak in a 15 minute nap. I was half right. The bus was going to be late, all right, but I was snapped out of the blahs by the rest of her news. The bus was in an accident.

WHAT!?!?! She assured me that everyone was fine and that the accident was minor. They were only a block away from the school. The bus was stopped at a light and was rear ended by the vehicle behind them. There was a very loud crash that scared all the kids (and the adults) on board, but there was no damage to the bus and no injuries. The car behind them didn't fare as well there was front end damage to his car.

Suddenly I went from "I need a cup of coffee to stay awake" to "I need a cup of tea to calm down." My initial plan was to head down there and get Maggie home as quickly as possible. But there are protocols and procedures to follow. They wouldn't let anyone off the bus until the supervisor arrived and the reports were done.  I understand that completely, but it was difficult to just sit here and wait. I didn't think I could add anything positive to the scene and would only complicate things by bringing my van to the congested area. So I waited. Maggie arrived 45 minutes later not any worse for the wear.

I asked her about it and she gave me a sad face, so it clearly scared her, but she's fine. It scared me too. I know how precarious Maggie's well being is, but I feel like she should be immune from the regular dangers and perils of life.

If you are suffering from the mid afternoon blahs, enjoy them. They definitely beat the alternative.

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  1. I AM suffering from the mid-afternoon blahs, but I thought it was because of my too-early new exercise regime. I'm sorry to hear about the bus accident that Maggie was in -- so scary. There was an article in today's paper about a really bad school-bus accident here in LA -- makes me shudder. As for getting a pass from these types of things -- I wish...


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