Saturday, October 23, 2010


The Giants just won the pennant. There was a lot of shouting and carrying on here. Maggie was laughing her head off at ever cuss word coming out of the front room; and she had plenty to laugh about. (I'm going to blame my son Eddie to protect my reputation.)

Ever since the last few days of the regular season, I have been posting this picture of Maggie at a Giants game this summer decked out in her Giants' gear on facebook.

For the past few games a few folks have been requesting it. (baseball fans are very superstitious)  Maggie is now a lucky charm.

Today I posted this one of Maggie and her brothers at a Giants game in 1997 (or 98). This will likely be posted throughout the word series. Not sure how happy her brothers will be to see that - especially Tim in his eye black and missing teeth.

Hopefully the Giants will keep winning and Maggie won't learn any more words from the front room. 

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  1. Great pic Maggie!! I will be at the World Series tomorrow nite cheering our home team on!!!!

    Amanda and the girls


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