Friday, October 22, 2010

Buzz Kill

It's one week until Halloween.  That's hard to believe. Halloween has been Maggie's day to strut her stuff for many years. Her costumes are show stoppers.

This year Halloween is on a Sunday. The school Halloween party is on the Friday the 29th. Sadly Maggie has a procedure scheduled for Friday. She will be under anesthesia and cannot take part in the Halloween festivities. We are bummed

Here are some costumes from past years to show you how much we get into it. These are 2004 - 2008. I can't find last year's pirate ship. The devil is called "hell on wheels" and my personal favorite is the chef. The "stove" is cardboard.  Credit my husband with these fabulous creations. 

Maggie will be fine by Halloween day but there's no place for her to go. The social part of Halloween  for her is school. And she's going to miss it. Bummer. 

She can dress as a healthy recovering girl, I guess. Seems like she was that a lot. 

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  1. Those costumes are awesome. And I remember her pirate costume from last year -- I think you can search your own blog and upload a photo from it. I think. I'm sorry that Maggie won't be able to be a part of the school festivities -- such a bummer. Maybe she can do a virtual trick or treat?


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