Thursday, October 21, 2010

(Looking at his) Watch dog

As soon as I get up in the morning, I begin my ritual of getting Maggie out the door to meet the bus. This morning was no exception. I talked with the nurse about how the night went as I unplugged the charging Dynavox and suction Machine and loaded them onto the chair. I filled the portable oxygen tank and put that on the chair as well.  The chair tipped from the weight because Maggie was not in it yet. I rearranged things to make it safer.

Maggie was already to go. Her jacket was on but she was still in bed. The nurse cannot lift her so I do it. I get everything else ready before I put Maggie in the chair. Not sure why, it is just my routine.

I was more efficient than usual because I had 10 minutes to spare.  Nice. I sat down at the computer. Mistake.  In the blink of an eye, it was late.

Janice, the school nurse was already parked in the driveway. I told the night nurse, who was leaving, to tell Janice we were coming. I quickly grabbed Maggie and fastened all seven buckles to secure her in the wheelchair, tied a scarf around her neck, ran a brush through her hair attached the tray and pole and headed toward the elevator.

It is a very slow ride down. No one can see us because the elevator is in the back of the house (it goes from the back deck to the backyard); but I was not worried, I knew they would not leave without us because Janice knew we were en route.

I knew that. Brisco did not. Our 12-year-old dog does not like any deviation from the routine. This was unacceptable. He was pacing back and forth at the top of the elevator whimpering and then ran down the stairs and stared at us through the glass doors of the elevator until we made it to the bottom. I knew from his actions that the bus must be outside.

Generally I get down to the basement/garage bring Maggie through. Open the garage door, fill up the dogs bowl and bring her outside.  Today I rushed through the garage, hit the button to open the door and pushed her outside to the waiting bus. Brisco stood next to his bowl apoplectic. He was barking up a storm as if to say Wait! Wait! Wait! You forgot a step. I said Brisk – you just have to wait a MINUTE. 

Janice did her check to make sure she had all the necessary equipment and that it was all working properly. Brisco kept barking. Maggie’s hood pulled back a little and I realized I never brushed the back of her head. Oops. Janice will take care of that at school.  Brisco kept barking.  The driver loaded her onto the bus with Brisco barking the entire time.

I am certain my neighbors who don’t work 9-5 were extremely appreciative of the commotion and the barking dog at 7:15. The bus left. I went in an immediately fed the dog. He looked at the food, but he was not really interested in eating. He just needs me to stick to the routine. 

Great. That's what I need. Someone else to answer to.  

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