Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chasing my bunny tail

We had a busy morning. I did our usual morning routine with a few extras. First of all Grandpa Ed is staying  with us this Easter weekend. We were gong to lunch at my moms with three of my sisters and some of their kids. I thought lunch was at 1:00 and had everything timed to the minute. I made the first part of my casseroles before church at 9:30 and finished when we got home. It would be done at 12:30 and we could take it over to Grandma's house hot and ready to eat. If need be I could re-warm it in her oven.

As it turns out, that really wasn't necessary. at 12:15, my sister called my cell and asked where we were. Putting on my best wise ass response I said, "I'm home, where are you? She said, "waiting for you." What? Yeah. Lunch started at 11:30. Oops. We were just sitting around but the casseroles weren't quite done. Br the time we got Maggie downstairs and into the car it was only about five minutes short. Close enough for government work.

I put them next to Tim in the car and gave him the over mitts.Everyone was already eating when we got there, but they did scarf down the food anyway. We had to leave when everyone else did because it takes three or four guys to get Maggie down the stairs. When my nephews left, we had to go too, so I barely spent any time with my mom, but that's my own fault.

Now I'm making Easter Dinner for Steve and my father in law. Maggie will be here, but doesn't eat anything but her own food. Tim went back to his apartment..

 Maggie was resplendent in her easter colors.  

Hope your Sunday was great.



  1. She is resplendent! I love the dress --

  2. I can remember when it took 'three or four guys to get' Grandpa Casey 'down the stairs'. But Grandpa didn't look so cute!



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