Monday, April 25, 2011

Hit the Road, Jack.

Today is a furlough day in San Francisco. The public schools are closed because of the State's budget woes. I'm sorry, but in what universe does this make sense? Not this one. Ok, enough with the rant.... just know I'm thinking it.

Because of this furlough, Maggie is home this morning. She found that quite intriguing. Of course it was not a typical Monday because Grandpa Ed was still here, and that was just a bonus for her. Maggie sat in her chair demanding breakfast and music and all sorts of things. Grandpa was laughing at her and she was enjoying the attention.

At about 7:30, Grandpa asked me if Steve had already left for work. I just laughed and said I doubt he's up yet. Steve moves verry slowly in the morning. If he doesn't have an appearance, he tends to leave for work around 8:30 or so. Maggie is long gone to school and I'm well into my day before he goes. He came downstairs all dressed up in his "lawsuit" and sat down for breakfast. He greeted Maggie, and chatted with his dad. Maggie continued her demands and various statements. "Mom, I want to go to my car." "Mom, no school." "Mom, Fely come see Maggie" (Fely is Maggie's nurse who was scheduled to arrive around nine or so). My father in law was impressed with Maggie's skill.

Things quieted down. Steve and his dad were reading the paper, I was on the computer. Quiet is not Maggie'sfavorite sound. Maggie was working away on her talker. I heard "Dad." and then "Dad. GO!" and I knew what was coming. She worked some more clicking and moving and clicking on that talker and then said

"Dad. go to work, dad."

All four of us started to laugh. Maggie was delighted. She was the center of attention once again. I had to snap a picture of the message window on the dynavox. We will just leave it at Steve's place in the morning if he's not moving fast enough. You can also see how pleased she was with herself. 

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  1. Maggie rocks. And I love the picture you paint of the four of you, laughing.


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