Monday, April 4, 2011

Giant Getaway

Maggie was a little better on Friday and Steve assured me he could handle things here, so I decided it was ok to take my 24 hour trip to Los Angeles.  I was leaving early Saturday morning. I wasn’t 100% confident about leaving Maggie.  My stomach hurt terribly from what I know was a case of the nerves.  I can be my own worst enemy.  I tried to ignore it, but it definitely made sleep difficult on Friday night. 

We went. Tim and I flew to Orange County to meet up with Eddie and his girlfriend, Grace. The four of us headed to the Giants Dodgers game at Dodger stadium. I never get to spend any time with the boys so this was very unusual.  We had a great time. Check them out in the 2d inning.

We were aware of the violent incidences at Dodger Stadium on opening night. It seems some Dodger fans do not appreciate fans of other teams – or at least Giants fans – coming to their park. One individual in Giants gear was badly beaten on Thursday night simply because he was a Giants fan. (there is a blog and facebook page to offer him well wishes or donate to help with his mounting medical bills at This wanton violence leaves a man fighting for his life and it seems a little unclear on the concept of competition to me. There are thugs everywhere, I suppose, but all he did was go to a baseball game.  We were going to a day game and certainly did not expect to witness it first hand. But we did. Nothing in comparison to the attack on this man, but violence nonetheless.

The four of us were waiting in line to enter the stadium when Tim was violently shoved by a dodger fan who said “Hey, you’re in Dodger Stadium now.”  The guy simply barreled through the line targeting Tim apparently because of his Giants shirt. He lowered his shoulder into Tim’s chest and shoved, pushing Grace out of the way in the process. Tim has both class and common sense; he refused to respond and, thanks to that, nothing happened.  In another show of class, the guy behind Tim in line just shook his head and apologized to Tim on behalf of Los Angeles. Tim’s sore chest hurt a little less with every run the Giants scored in their 10-0 rout of the Dodgers. (The only game the Giants won in a four game series).

We made it back to the car without incident. Of course there weren’t any Dodger fans to be found by then. They had all left the game several innings earlier because their team was losing.  Look at all the empty seats around us in the 7th inning. We headed back down I-5 to Orange County, went out to dinner, and went in the hot tub.

I checked in at home. Maggie was better still and saying over and over on her dynavox “Mom, come see Maggie.” 

 The stress was replaced with guilt, but  THAT I can handle. 


  1. Obviously you guys should have stayed for the whole series since you were their good luck charm!

  2. Obviously you guys should have stayed for the series since you were their good luck charm!

  3. I'm a proud Dodgers fan and am completely ashamed that some of our fans act that way. The violence on Opening Day was awful and uncalled for, as was the violence/heckling you experienced. Obviously, heckling is to be expected, especially because Dodgers fans *hate* Giants fans, but what you experienced crosses a line.
    I am, however, glad that you enjoyed the game and got to see such a big victory.


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