Friday, April 22, 2011

Good (but I've had better) Friday

Good Friday started off with the phone ringing at 4AM. My husband was still trying to figure out how to answer it when I arrived downstairs. The nurses call from their cell phone to the house phone if they need help with Maggie.

Maggie has an uncanny ability to get herself into positions that scare everyone, except her. She is lying on her back and extends her neck so that the back of her head is touching her back. I think she's trying to get more air initially but then she kind of gets stuck. It's freaky looking, and though she starts out getting more air, I believe it get more difficult to breathe when she gets into this position. Getting her out of it requires intervention, then she does it again, etc etc. By the time I got down there she looked a little glassy eyed but she was fine. I repositioned her and she gave up the fight and went to sleep. I went back to bed. But sleep was not in the cards for me after that.

I put her on the bus and started my day. When Steve scraped his spoon on the bottom of the cereal bowl I went a little crazy. That noise is always a little creepy to me, but today I jumped out of my skin. I said, "OK, I think you're done" and took it away from him. I kind of knew then that I'd better head back to sleep. Of course  I drank a boatload of coffee so I wondered if sleep was possible.

It was.

I slept for 90 minutes until my phone buzzed. It was the nurse cancelling this afternoons' shift.

Lather. Rinse.  Repeat.

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