Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walker Texas Ranger

After an inordinate amount of time thinking about and trying things out, it looks like they've finally found a walker for Maggie. I went to school today to see her in it. I actually thought this was hers, but discovered it still hasn't even been ordered. This is a loaner.

Maggie has some ability to move it around already and you can see the determination in her eyes as she tried to get where she's going. She will figure it out, I'm sure, but she has to actually GET it first so she can use it more often.  She lasted a little more than 20 minutes and then she was exhausted, but she can build up stamina as she gets more used to it.

Where we will put this giant thing is another question entirely. It will be at school most of the time, but on breaks and long weekends, it will be great to sue in the back yard or even at the park.


  1. Very cool -- you'll have to just buy/build a new house! Or perhaps Mr. Jobs could design an iWalker?

  2. We need video!!! How ewciting. I know Maggie will enjoy her freedom!


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