Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet Melissa

Nurse Janice called from school yesterday. Generally these calls are to discuss some troubling symptoms. Janice and I put our heads together to figure things out. Yesterday, though, Maggie was physically fine; her behavior, however was something else again. She was scratching, pulling at her trach and disrupting the class.

It seems Melissa went to school yesterday instead of Maggie. Melissa is Maggie's evil twin and she shows up every now and then. She's a pain in the rear.

I asked Janice to put the phone next to Maggie/Melissa's ear.She did and I put on my best mom voice and told her to cut the crap. Of course she can't respond to me verbally so I have no ideas how she's reacting. I just keep on lecture mode - it's second nature to me after 23 years of raising kids - and told her she would "NOT BE HAPPY if I had to come to school to get your. Do you understand me young lady?" Janice came back on the phone and said Maggie just signed "yes" with a very serious look on her face.

It's nice to know I've still got it.

When she came home from school Maggie slept for over 2 hours. Hopefully Melissa made an appearance because Maggie was so tired. We will see today. This morning Maggie had a bit of an evil grin as Janice and I discussed her behavior while we waited for the bus.

Maggie got ON the bus. Hopefully Melissa didn't get off


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