Monday, July 11, 2011

Carrying the Load

A drippy foggy morning here in the City by the Bay. It was really wet when Maggie left on the bus this morning for day one of her last four days of summer school. I put on a hooded sweatshirt to go out and meet the bus and I  haven't take it off yet.

Our weekend as busy. We had friends over on Saturday. We went to the Academy of sciences, but Maggie's suction machine was acting wonky so she and I came home pretty quickly. We stopped at Safeway to buy stuff to make lunch when they all returned to our house. I try not to buy too much when I'm walking, especially with Maggie because it is very difficult to get the groceries home. I find if I use one of those hand baskets in the store I won't buy too much. If I can't carry the hand basket I won't be able to carry the groceries the four blocks home. It worked out, but the items I bought were rather bulky and steering the chair home with that big bag of groceries was a little difficult. I kept stopping and switching arms trying to find a comfortable way to carry the groceries and push Maggie's chair in a straight line. Finally I just put Maggie to work and balanced the groceries on the back of her handle.

Worked like a charm. And she was pretty happy about it.

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