Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moving things around

This week has been like living on a Chinese checkers game board. I just keep moving things around but don't really seem to get anywhere. We are working feverishly to get ready for the floor resanding. Things have to be completely moved off the first floor. Every time I walk upstairs I bring an armload of books or a box of framed photos from the dining room or something.

By 7:30 this morning I had all the fine china packed into those little plastic cases you can by and I have a service for 12 right here in my office now. I still have to do the glasses and that will take more time. All the breakables are going in the office. The pictures and books etc are going in the other bedroom and all the small furniture (dining room chairs, side tables, lamps) will go in our room. The biggest furniture will go in the kitchen or in Maggies room (because those floors are not being done) but some will have to go down to the basement. Tim and my nephew Matt will be moving the big stuff on Sunday.

The pictures are off the walls, the books are off the shelves and last night Steve pulled up the rug that goes from the downstairs hallway up the stairs and through the upstairs hallway. I wish we could keep in uncovered because the wood is so beautiful, but between the dog and our shoes, its probably not a good idea. Besides, it is really noisy when you walk around a 90 year old house without rugs.  Creeeak. (Could be my bones, I suppose)

Finding a a place for all this stuff is a challenge.    All of those rooms and the basement are already full of crap. I cannot believe how many things we own! There has to be some semblance of order so that we can find things when it's time to put it all back. Of course I have made several piles of things that will NOT be coming back downstairs as well. Some are going to the Salvation Army, in fact I brought a whole van load there yesterday. Some will just get rotated upstairs.

In addition to all this I am working on my pile of things we need to bring with us, especially Maggie's supplies. I started a pile in the basement, but this morning I decided everything that's ready had to go in the van so I didn't add more clutter to the basement. Of course that meant I had to clean out the van first, but that was easy. I used the drivers seat for garbage and the passenger seat for things I needed to keep and put away. Done. I loaded up the far back of the van with some of the stuff and will just keep adding as I go.  I have to make sure I don't take another load to the Salvation Army, though. I might end up donating Maggie's supplies.

Maggie "helped" me clean out and load up the car this morning. Basically she sat in her chair nearby and laughed every time I went in or out of the car via the wheelchair entrance. (which comes in very handy when you are cleaning.) She kept saying "Mom, Car" and cracked herself up. I have to say, she made the work a lot more fun. On about my 10th trip in that wore off and she said "Mom. Upstairs, I want my cd." She had enough and wanted to listen to some tunes. That sounded like a great idea to me too.

I can get back to my checker game later.

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