Monday, July 18, 2011

Nursing dominoes

Our foray out of this house for four days is completely upsetting the nursing apple cart.

It is Monday through Thursday, which is generally the most stable part of the week for us nursing wise. We will be gone for four days, or eight shifts. If we were home we would have two nurses covering those eight shifts. Neither of them is really in a position to commute across the bridge, so I had to rearrange. That created a domino effect. Those 8 shifts required changing about 30 shifts. These two could cover some weekend shifts and the weekend nurses on both ends of the week, who are better able to make the commute will cover the weekdays.

I had to cajole and make concessions and agree to pick up people at the BART (Rapid transit) station., but as of this moment, I think every shift is covered. Of course I will believe it when everyone shows up, but for now I can relax.

Did I mention the house where we are staying is in a sunny area and comes equipped with a pool?  I guess I have to add sunblock to my long list. GREAT!

Swimming is dangerous for Maggie because we have to be certain her trach stays out of the water. That's easy enough to do if there is more than one person to get her in and out of the pool.

Oh. And I don't have a trach.

It will be worth it.

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  1. Nothing like a staycation to completely relax you! :)

    I'm hoping the days fly by and that all is well with the nursing schedule.


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