Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Maggie knows funny

As soon as I hear someone passes away I think of them meeting Maggie in the great beyond. I've done it with extended family members, parents of friends and even Brisco, our dog who left us a few weeks ago. Yesterday's shocking news about Robin Williams was tempered somewhat by the thought of Maggie and Robin Williams making a connection. Maggie knew funny, that's for sure, and Robin Williams was a funny funny man. I'm sure he made her laugh uproariously.

I miss that joyful laugh.

Maggie also loved to make people laugh and I'm sure she's doing that for him.  I'll bet she gave him some new material he's trying out right now. And Maggie is laughing harder than anyone because she knows funny and she thought she was hilarious.

She was right.

It's a very sad thing when someone ends their own life. And when that someone is as famous, funny, talented and seemingly happy Robin Williams, it's even harder.

 If you are depressed, get help. Find some joy, however small and grab onto it and don't let go. Everyone should have some joy in their lives - even if it's only great memories.

Maggie was joy personified and I got to be her mother. Remembering her keeps her with me and keeps that joy alive.

Find some joy.


  1. Here, here! I agree whole heartedly.

  2. So sad to hear yesterdays news, right in my own backyard. A fixture in Marin County, friendly and funny. Go Maggie and make his day!!


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