Sunday, April 10, 2011

Be the Change and BEAT LA!

This blog is Maggie’s world and I do not usually use it for anything else, but Maggie wants a day off and there is something else on my mind.

The dreaded Dodgers come to town Monday night.  The Giants lost 3 out of 4 games to them last weekend and need to even that up with this series.  It could be a bitter battle, as it always is with these two teams.  However, that battle has to be on the field, not in the parking lot or on the street surrounding the game. The battle is between the players, not the fans.

Last weekend San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow was critically injured in a beating at Dodger Stadium. He was beaten by two thugs simply because he was a Giants fan.  He is still in the hospital and I hope he will make a complete recovery, but he may have life altering injuries because of brain damage sustained in the beating.  There are websites devoted to information about Bryan Stow, which I encourage you to check out. ( and )

This is not baseball.  Baseball is fun. Baseball is wide-eyed kids watching the game while eating hot dogs and peanuts.  It is America’s pastime. It is a lazy summer evening  sitting in a bone chilling thick fog, wrapped up in a blanket while drinking hot chocolate.  (Note: That last one may be different outside of San Francisco.)

 This is criminal and if it continues, no one will want to go to baseball games.  For the safety of the fans and the good of the game, it has to change.  Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  San Francisco fans can change it today and we can show the world what champions really are. You don’t want Giants fans to get beat up? Then don’t even think about revenge.  Rise above it.  Be the change.

This week San Francisco has an opportunity to show the dreaded Dodgers and those thugs what we are made of.  San Francisco is not seeking revenge or pay back for Bryan Stow. No one wearing any Dodger blue will be harmed in any way. They will be jeered and booed; insults will fly along with peanuts and beer. However, no one will be hurt because this is San Francisco and we are classier than that.  We will not stoop to that level.

I am pretty sure Ghandi HATED the Dodgers, but when he said, “beat LA” he was talking about the field.

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  1. I'm glad that I'm not a Dodgers Fan so that we can still be friends. And Sophie doesn't know anything about baseball!


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