Friday, April 8, 2011

Tennessee Taylor

There is an opening on Maggie’s social calendar. It seems a party planned for next week has been cancelled. The honoree left town in a hurry.  We are both happy and sad about that.

The party was for Ms. Taylor, Maggie’s former teacher. Even though she stopped being Maggie’s teacher, she was a frequent visitor to the class and volunteered to do a science project with the kids every week. Ms. Taylor left at the end of the last school year. She decided not to sign a contract to teach this year because she and her husband were going to leave San Francisco.  This City is a great place to live and it draws young people from all over the place, but when it is time to settle down and think about buying a place or having a family, many decide to go back home or somewhere where they have family.  In addition, it is just too expensive here for most.  It is unfortunate because we lose some great folks.  Ms. Taylor and her husband are two of them.

 They planned to head to Nashville where her sister lives.  Good news. Then this nasty job market interfered with their plans, neither of them could find work in Nashville. Bad news. They stayed here even though she had given up her job. Good news (for us.) Then she discovered she was pregnant. Great news!    If they got too close to June, when the baby was due, they would wait to continue the job search in Nashville.  Suddenly things started happening on the job front and her husband found the job he wanted in Nashville. Wow! Great news again.

The plan was to leave in a few weeks and get everything together. That allowed time for the kids to give her a baby shower next week. Everybody was very excited, except her doctor.  Doctor’s orders: She has to go Nashville now, get herself settled, and leave the moving to her husband.   The baby shower is off, but that's a small price to pay for a healthy baby. 

So Ms. Taylor is gone. She left yesterday and she will not be back. We will miss her. We are sorry we will not get to see her beautiful little girl who will have the beautiful name Elisabetta. However, there is facebook and blogs and we will meet her online, which is so 2011.

San Francisco, Mission High, Maggie, and her classmates say thank you and goodbye to Nikki Taylor Guerrini and her husband Richard. We wish you nothing but happiness in Nashville with your little girl.    

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